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  • App Inventor 2 & Kodular : SQL / SQLite tutorial

    Do you know how to use the SQL database on your App Inventor 2 or Kodular project? If your answer is no , let me help 🙂 Lets create a leaderboard app.Its simple project.Just insert userName and score then sort and display it on the screen. Let’s create our .SQL file I used SQLite Studio […]

  • How to use App Inventor 2 and Kodular with Emulator

    When the time comes to test your project, the process of connecting to the actual device for testing makes development slower. For fixing this problem we have a Android emulators.So how to use the Android emulators with App Inventor 2 or Kodular? There is a many Android Emulator in the Market but some of them […]

  • How to use Font Awesome 5 and Material Icons on Kodular?

    FontAwesome 5 First select a icon from gallery https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=gallery&m=free I use Turkish Lira sing with Solid type https://fontawesome.com/icons/lira-sign?style=solid Copy Turkish Lira UNICODE Now, switch to Kodular project. Add simple label component to Screen and apply same parameters like this image. Enable HTML Format Use &#xUNICODE; for text input Select FONT AWESOME 5 SOLID Result: Material […]

  • App Inventor 2 : How to get time and date?

    There is simple way to get time and date on App Inventor using timer component.We can get local time and date with timer.Here there is simple image We use Clock1.now as source and we use pattern to get what we needed. dd Day MM Month yyyy Year HH Hour (Time zone – 24) if we […]

  • How to test ” User text is a valid email address? “

    How can we test user input? Is it valid email address? How to do these tests on App Inventor 2? As you know every email address include @ and . symbols Like – > [email protected] So we can test it,is it include @ ? But we dont need to do, thanks Taifun for his Tools […]

  • How to store user hightscores with App Inventor 2?

    Today we will store user scores using TinyDB.When we are storing user hightscores we will do litle operations for detect user best user.So we will store user Best score and other scores. I desinged code as a function so when you import it.You can you it easy,You need just change TinyDB Tags  if you want 🙂 […]

  • App Inventor 2 Close Screen with 2x press and notifier

    With this example you will learn how to close app when user click 2x to back button and how to ask user close app? and close app when user select yes Gallery URL ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/?galleryId=6603714991357952

  • How to make a Leaderboard in App Inventor 2 with ListViews?

    So you are planing making a leaderboard and stuck at how to make it? There is a simple and easy method here for leaderboard. As you know we have a listview component its good for display large list of items.With Listview we can desing our leaderboard with one backround color.But what if we do use […]