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Version: 3

Last Updated: 04-10-2019 3:05


Today @Andres_Cotes and I offer an Updated Version of the “Notify Extension [Free] 136

Thank you @Andres_Cotes for allowing me to update this Extension!

Thank you to my Beta Testers @Gabriel_Egea & @Peter!
Thank you @BukanoR for sponsoring the new v3 features!

v2 Bug Fixes:
It’s now compatible with Android OS 4.1[JellyBean] – API 16 through Android OS 9[Pie] – API 28

v2 Improvements:
Added – Ability to use your apps Icon for the Notification(Use “android.R.drawable.ic_launcher”)
Caution: It is highly recommended to use an app Icon of 256×256 or smaller. App may crash otherwise! Note: This feature works on most devices but does not work on all devices.
Added – Large Icon
Added – showWhen(Time stamp next to app name) True/False
Added – Clicking on notification will open the app
Added – When screen is off the LED Indicator will blink to notify the user that a new Notification is available

v3 Improvements:
Added – autoCancel (API22+)
Added – startValue (Allows you to utilize the “get start value” Block)
Added – MoveTaskToBackground (Minimizes the app)

All Blocks:



.aix & .aia(s):
com.kennicholsandroid.Notify_v3.aix 436 (27.3 KB)
Notify_v3.aia 250 (30.2 KB)
Notify_v3_ListView.aia 196 (30.5 KB)

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