Arduino USB Serial Extension by Pavi2410


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Version: 5

Last Updated: 27-09-2019 2:52

Physicaloid 368 library.

Some highlights of this extension:

  • USB-Serial communication
  • upload a firmware to an Arduino
  • support on Android 3.1 or higher (need USB Host API feature)
  • does not require ROOT
  • support USB-Serial protocols : CDC-ACM, FTDI, Silicon Labs CP210x
  • support uploading firmware protocols : STK500, STK500V2

Currently, this is just for testing which includes some basic things such as:

  • Open/Close connection
  • Read/Write from/to serial

Other features that need to be included are:

  • Upload .hex files to Arduino
  • Support for upload files from assets folder

Download Extension

com.pavitra.aix 588 (131.8 KB) (version 5)

Source code 141

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