How to use App Inventor 2 and Kodular with Emulator

How to use App Inventor 2 and Kodular with Emulator

When the time comes to test your project, the process of connecting to the actual device for testing makes development slower. For fixing this problem we have a Android emulators.So how to use the Android emulators with App Inventor 2 or Kodular?

There is a many Android Emulator in the Market but some of them has a spyware,cryptominer … So which emulator should we use?

I recommed Memu Play, is yet another Chinese emulator but its looking good and make job done.So lets download it from this link.I prefer offline installer.

I hope you installed it and run it succesfully.Now its time to install Kodular Companion to Emulator.We can find Kodular Emulator and AI2 Companion APK files on sites like Apkpure.

Download Kodular APK from link and lets install it to Emulator.Just drop APK file to emulator screen.Thats it

Now we can use Memu Android emulator with Kodular or App Inventor project,have fun

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