How to use Google Play Game Services on Kodular?

Kodular Eagle update brings Google Play Games Services support.With this support we can make leaderboards and achievements .

First we need setup our leaderboard using Google Play Dev Console
select your app
Now switch to Leaderboards tab and click Add Leaderboard buton
Fill required informations for Leaderboard
If you succes you can see similar image.ID is your Leaderboard ID.You use this ID in block side.
Now all tabs ok , we can switch to Kodular
Add Google Play Games component to app and fill Google Play Games App ID with App ID

So we setup our Leaderboard now we can use blocks.First we need let the user sing in.After user sign in succesfully we can send scores to leaderboards and show leaderboards to user.

For submitting score we need use Leaderboard ID.

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