How to make a Leaderboard in App Inventor 2 with ListViews?

How to make a Leaderboard in App Inventor 2 with ListViews?

So you are planing making a leaderboard and stuck at how to make it? There is a simple and easy method here for leaderboard. As you know we have a listview component its good for display large list of items.With Listview we can desing our leaderboard with one backround color.But what if we do use more than one Listview and change every listview background? We can do this but how to handle all scrolll operation? Too many questions,yes i know today ı will share my trick for fix this issues.Dont forget this is for basic leaderboard desing we have other options like Canvas,New Listview Extensions.But this method is to simple and free method for making a basic leaderboard 🙂

 Here our desinger view,As you can see there is 3 listview inside a Vertical scroll arrangement.This is key of my trick let user scroll.When user scroll let only Vertical SA triggered so listviews do not move to down.And if we set our Vertical SA height to 763px or more we can easy scroll all listview at the same time.Know you learn my trick 🙂 What my code do when we press button( just a dummy values created for demo)

 And here our listview trick result:

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