Extension ComponentToImage

Extension ComponentToImage

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  • Using this extension you can convert any view/component to image and save it to storage.
  • The image will be created as per the components same width and height.
  • You can convert Layout, Buttons, Labels …etc
  • Any change on the component, eg: Round corners will also reflect in image
  • Note: The component should be visible
  • I created it as per the request and idea from @Angelo_Angius

I want an addOn that takes a text from a TextEdit and transforms it to bitmap.

  • First one is the label and the second one is the converted image.

2.Methods & Events

► Method: convertToImage

  • component – The component which you want to convert to image.

► Event: Created

  • Event raised after image created.
    • filePath – Returns the image file.


com.jerin.s2b.aix 44 (7.8 KB)

Suggest new updates, report bugs and errors and stay tuned…

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